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artykul_eng iconStudent Career Office
Endorsed by the Student Career Office at the Institute of Technology in Gliwice

The Student Career Office will make it easier for you:
  • to define your personal abilities for the futur career
  • to find out your personality qualities
  • to improve your communication and interpersonal skills
  • to write your cv, motivational letter and a job offer
  • to prepare for a job interview and its analysi
In the Student Career Office you can:
  • get help from a career adviser
  • participate in a series of workshops
  • use materials which facilitate to successfully move across the educational and job markets
  • find information about a range of practice sessions, courses and studies
Package for employers includes:
  • advertising job offers in the office database and winning the right candidates
  • evaluating the candidates' personal qualities and qualifications for a particular position
  • promoting the profiles of the school's graduates of different educational backgrounds
  • organising presentations of employers and tertiary education institutions
The office assistants:
  • Mr Antoni Drynda
  • Mrs Joanna Pytlik
  • Mr Krzysztof Kaptur
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