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On 31st October the students and teachers of our school celebrated The Day of Foreign Languages and Cultures. Our students liked it because of two reasons.
First of all, back floor in our school was changed into following countries: in the first floor one could find monuments, typical clothes and food of the UK and the USA.
The second floor showed us the language and culture of France and Ireland.
In the next floor we could meet Bavarian man and woman who presented us their country. And finally in the last floor we could sightsee Canada.

Secondly, students of all LA and 3PA classes and our English teachers prepared a short show. Within 30 minutes our performers depicked what may happen if one doesn't know foreign languages. In our opinion the sketches were funny and attracting attention. Moreover we could listen to beautiful songs, watch extra ordinary dances and try delicious salads.

We find that day superb and we would like it to become a tradition.

M.Z, P.Z, A.O, R.T (from 2LA) and A.B

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